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Here are some of the strangest and most mystical creatures that might actually exist like the chupacabra and the large hairy beasts!

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# 7 Unicorns

The existence of magical horned horses is pretty much universally denied, but there's still hope that they might actually exist! Central Africans and Egyptians described a creature that seemed so bizarre to Europeans that they didn’t believe in the existence of it until the 1900s. What they were describing was a horse-like creature with a long neck, multiple fur patterns, and horns - The europeans dubbed it the African Unicorn but it was known locally as the Atti or the O’api. For centuries Europeans dismissed the O’api as fantasy until they were presented with live proof - the horned quadruped really did exist. With the existence of the “African Unicorn” proven, perhaps there is even a traditional European idea of a horse galloping around somewhere on Earth.

  1. 6 Dobhar-Chu

The Dobhar-Chu or “water hound” is a legendary animal that lives in freshwater lakes and rivers in Ireland. It is described as an otter-like creature that looks like half canine and half fish. It can move at high speeds on both land and water and apparently can keep up with a galloping horse. This creature has been sighted as far back as several centuries ago - which either makes it more likely that the Dobhar-Chu did once exist or that it is an oral legend that has gotten out of hand. Whether or not that's true, there are two grave stones in Ireland that belong to two men who are attacked and killed by the Dobhar-Chu.

  1. 5 Tatzelwurm

The Tatzelwurm, also known as the “Alps Dragon” are lizard-like creatures that may inhabit the extremely isolated regions of the Alps. They are described as being 2-5 feet long creatures that have a feline like head and the body of a snake. Sightings of the creature have been made all over the Alps and they even have specific names in French, Swiss, and Italian. Some sightings are clustered close enough together that they are reported in local newspapers. There are even several statues depicting the tatzelwurm around the area.

  1. 4 Nessie

Nessie the Loch Ness monster of Scotland is one of the most well known cryptids on this list. She is apparently from a strain of plesiosaurs that survived the mass extinction of dinosaurs and has been hiding in isolated aquatic systems like the Loch Ness. Although evidence seems to suggest that Nessie is a complete sham fabricated for one reason or another, sightings of this monster have persisted for decades past its original sighting in the 1930s.

  1. 3 Ahool

Ahools are huge carnivorous bats that live in Indonesian rainforests. They are described as having wingspans as big as 10 feet wide and covered in thick brown and black fur. The difference between an Ahool and a bat comes with their legs- they are said to have powerful clawed legs that allow them to physically pounce on large live prey (including humans) to feast on. Local sightings of these bats have them believing that they really exist. Ahools just might be an undiscovered and isolated species of bat that live in the depths of the Indonesian Rainforest.

  1. 2 Mapinguari

The Mapinguari is a large hairy beast like creature that, according to legend, inhabits the Rainforest that lies between Brazil and Bolivia. The Mapinguari stands at around 8 feet tall and has an extremely hardy back covered in scales. It has long curved claws and resembles a cross between an ape and a bear. It also apparently has a second mouth on its belly. It sounds a little too disconnected from reality to be real, but in the New York Times posted an article in 2007 detailing a recent sighting, which may be more evidence to prove its existence.

  1. 1 Bigfoot

Bigfoot was first sighted in in the 1960s in a forest in the Pacific Northwest. Ever since the first photographs of it were released, bigfoot fever has taken over the cryptozoology community. Since then many other sightings have occurred and more photos have been taken. Some of these are misidentifications of black bears or complete hoaxes performed by pranksters. However, amongst the hullaballoo of bigfoot fever, many still believe in the actual existence of the creature. Some believe it to be a mutated human, bear, or even ape that is afraid of people and thus deliberately avoids us. Some think that it’s been a man in a fursuit living in the forest the whole time. Regardless, Bigfoot remains one of the biggest cryptid mysteries that people are eager to prove or disprove.

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